The Sun New Center Lamphun

“The sun fills happiness to all families”
209 M.5 Ban MueangKwak, MakhueaChae, MuangLamphun, Lamphun
The sun New Center Project is a new tourist attraction and anew recreation area which it is th biggest familypark in the north of Thailand. It is located behind the Northern Industrial Estate, Lamphun Province. The services have been commenced from June 2012 onwards in the more than 50 Rais. The center is near the beautiful mountain valley with a nice picturesque. The area has been divided into many interesting zones, the parking area is able to contain more than 500 vehicles including buses and or big transportation.

The sun New Center has joyfully and continuously organized fun activities Since October 2012 e.g. “Music in the Garden” , “The Sun Colorful Loy Kratong Festival”, all shop owners has also joined to set their booth to sell their Diverse products in order to provide the opportunity for all walks of lives to Enjoy their happiness and amusement and feel worth choosing and coming To The Sun New Center related to the slogan;