ITM – International Training Massage School

"Thai Massage is like a thousand gentle waves washing over the body. Thai massage is like yoga for lazy people. Instead of doing yoga, they do it for you."cooking skills.”
59/9 Chang Puek Road Soi 4, T. Sri Phum, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
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CHONGKOL (JOHN) SETTHAKORN is one of the leading pioneers in creating and teaching a modern curriculum of Northern style ancient Thai Massage. He incorporates movements and body postures from Tai Ji Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan creating a truly wonderful healing art. For twenty years, Chongkol has taught people from all over the world the ancient art of Thai massage. In 1992, he founded the International Training Massage School (ITM) in Thailand to promote the Thai massage technique internationally. Chongkol was the lead teacher at the Shivaga Komarpaj School (formerly the Old Medicine Hospital School) in Chiang Mai for six years (1985-1991). In this capacity Mr. Setthakorn helped to design the Thai Massage instruction and routines that are the standard in Chiang Mai for Northern Style Thai Massage. Chongkol is licensed by the Ministry of Health as a professional in Thai Traditional Medicine (Thai Massage). Chongkol co-authored the book “Nuad Bo-Rarn, Ancient Massage of Thailand” in 2001 and the latest edition in 2009 with his wife, Atchara Setthakorn. Chongkol is frequently requested to speak and train at international symposiums and seminars on health and massage. Some of his noteworthy appearances include:

Courses are taught in English. ITM style focus on flowing movements, sensitivity/awareness and tailor-made techniques to suit individual needs. We believe everybody is different and encourage our students to adjust their techniques to suit individual needs and body conditions. Students are required to attend at least 90% of class to receive a Certificate accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Education. All the students attending courses for NCBTMB approved continuing education must attend 100% of all classes to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.