Khunchamnan Family Thai Massage

Amnat and Nok Khunchamnan are brother and sister, from a family that has been practicing traditional Thai massage for the past 100 years. They began studying as children in their village and continued their training with the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Together they have trained over 500 students from 60 countries around the world (formerly as Khunchamnan Massage Course,2005).
Address: 1/3 Soi 8 Moon Mung Rd,T.Sripoom Chiang mai 50200 Thailand
(66) 87 9912116, (66) 85 2349562 (Nok)
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Amnat Khunchamnan
Amnat is a fourth generation Thai massage therapist and teacher. His family has been doing Thai massage for more than 100 years. At age seven he began apprenticing with his grandmother, Nom Khunchamnan,the only massage therapist and midwife in their village. At age 15, Amnat ordained as a Theravadan Buddhist monk, remaining in the temple for 16 years. During that time, Amnat learned Thai Yoga therapy and Traditional Thai medicine from Buddhist monks. He traveled extensively to teach, study, and visit significant temples in Southeast Asia. He also earned a Bachelors Degree in English and completed the course work for a Masters Degree in Buddhism at Chiang Mai University. After leaving the temple, Amnat continued his studies in Thai massage,Thai foot reflexology,Yoga therapy, Western body therapy,Western foot reflexology. He became certified by the Thai Ministry of Public Health as a teacher of Traditional Thai Massage, and he is a California State Certified Massage Therapist(CMT#26882). He established Khunchamnan Family Massage Classes in Chiang Mai in 2005. He has trained over 400 students from 60 countries. He currently divides his time between his two homes, Chiang Mai and the U.S., where he has a busy Thai Yoga massage practice. Amnat spends part of each year in the United States. His work with Western clients makes him uniquely qualified to teach Western students the traditional healing art of Thailand.

We would lik5e to offer our respect and gratitude to our grandmother, NomKhunchamnan (1927 - 2008), our first Thai massage teacher. Our grandmother learned Thai massage from her mother, who learned it from her mother, and that is as far as family memory goes. She began studying massage when she was ten years old. She finished school at the age of thirteen and shortly thereafter she studied massage and midwifery at a local hospital,where she was certified as a therapist. Our grandmother was like a second mother to us and helped raise us as children. And among many scores of babies she delivered, she assisted at Amnat’s birth. We are very proud to continue her work and the work of many generations of our family.