Woody Elephants

Sawas dee krup, “hello” my name is Warawut Kamwichai, but you can call me shortly “Woody” I’d like to tell you about my family.
59/3 M.1 T.cuodchang A.Mae Tang, Chiang Mai 50150
There are elephants of them are youngsters and they have all grown up with us from birth. We are a family run elephant have known as Baan Chang Elephant home. The gentleman we have to thank for establishing our elephant home is our uncle, “Somporn Saisatorn” who rescued the first elephant to be trained for work thus creating Baan Chang Elephant Home. Woody’s elephant training is a sanctuary for Asian elephants and our job here is to make sure elephants can live a life in peace and harmony alongside humans. We are the first elephant here in the Chiang Mai region and unlike others we are here to make life better for our elephants first and us second. I am asking you join us in helping, look after, train and work with our elephants as a “Mahout” In doing this, you are directly helping the Baan Chang Elephant Home and Woody’s elephant training to raise the funds we need to build an earth wall around our land so that the elephants can round free in safety with no risk from poaching or other dangers presented by humans.

It is an honor to train as a mahout as you will find out! It gives you the rare opportunity to form a relationship like no other and learn our traditional and culture the mahout way. I truly hope your experience will bring as much happiness to you as it has done to our family for generation and will do for generations to come! From my heart, thank you – Korp Khun krup. I hope to welcome you to our home very soon Woody, the elephant man