Eddy chiangmai elephant care place is located on south of chiangmai city which about 57 kms. It take about 1 hrs. drive.Our elephant care place is the place that we try the best to take a good care of the elephants. Here we are the big family with all the peoples and the elephants are the family.We are welcomme for every one who want to visit and take care elephant together you will enjoy learning about the elephants life and the mahouts life and learning how to ride elephant bare back and to bathing the elephant.
71/1 kampangdin Rd.T.chang klan A. muang Chiang mai 50100
+6689-952-2896 , +6689-952-2891 , +6683-570-4844
The elephant is the national animal of Thailand.Elephant are an important part of Thai culture and the Thai way of life.They also play an integral role in the monarchy.The flay of Thailand used to be a white elephant on ared background.In 1998,the Cabinet approved the designation of March 13 as Thai elephant day to raise and sustain public awarencess of the importance of elephant.

Elephant are amazing animal to see in their own environment.They are incredibly social creatures who have lasting memories,and can communicate over long distances through long range sound waves.They show a rangs of cognitive capabilities and social behavious which most people,especially those that benefit from using elephants,would like to reserve for homan beings. " They are a large, funny animal,and they seem to know when they have done something dumb.They convey a sense of knowing how they fit into the world "